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What’s New

Another Class is Coming From Krafty Karen!

Karen Taylor Announces A New Crafts Class

On Thursday, July 19 beginning at 12 Noon, Karen Taylor will lead a class on how to make Suncatchers. Cost for the class is $5 per person, plus cost of the crystal bottom. Most crystals are under $3 each. It’s up to you how many you wish to make during the class, whether it’s 1 or 5, depending upon the time. Colored beads and wire will be provided. Suncatchers can be hung on your rear view mirror, a window, or as a Christmas ornament. You are limited only by your imagination.

Melba Fluty Family Donates Some of Melba’s Personal Items

Melba’s family members have donated some of her personal hobby items to the center for all to enjoy. Items include beads for beadwork, playing cards and more. It’s a very gracious donation to honor Melba and the center appreciates the gesture very much.

Anonymous Knitter Donates Caps and Lap Blankets.

An anonymous knitter has gifted the center with a bag of beautiful knitted caps and lap blankets. We appreciate the donation very much and intend to sell the caps for $5 each; and the lap blankets will be raffled off in the near future. The proceeds will be used to help offset the center’s utility bills.

See Sandy Shriver to look over the selection of caps and to purchase one.

WCAC Presented Benefit Breakfast Donation by Bartlesville Masonic Lodge.

On Tuesday, February 20, Bartlesville Mason Lodge #284 presented the WCAC with a check in the amount of $1848.00 at the Masons Lodge. The donation was the financial result of a benefit breakfast, held on January 6 of this year, which was sponsored by the lodge. WCAC Board President Kerric France accepted the check from Mason Robert Reese. The WCAC board is very grateful for all who attended and for the Masons generous donation, and will use the funds for physical improvements to the WCAC center. Pictured below at the presentation are (L-R) Carl, Robert Reese, Mike Robedeux, Rick Emmitt, Mike Davis and Kerric Franco.

Join in the Fun With Friday Drawing.

Chuck Parkin and Brian Doerksen have recently joined CR Shriver and the Woodcarvers Class. They are now drawing together, too, and you are invited to join in, no matter your level of experience. There will be no charge for participating, but depending upon the medium you choose and your interest level, you may need to acquire some art supplies.

  Chuck and Brian are currently working with graphite, but any medium is welcome. A list of materials needed for graphite drawing is posted on the front bulletin board and also online at wcadultcenter.com/activities.

  They meet every Friday from 10am-Noon, in the WCAC Crafts classroom. There will be no instructor, it’s an Everyone-Helps-Everyone learning environment.

  Chuck has been drawing since 2010 and carving off and on since 1987. Brian started drawing, after retirement from 39 years of practicing engineering, only 3 months ago. He’s studying with artist Valerie Jones.

  Again, everyone is invited to join in.


Saving the Cherokee Language – New Time and Day for Class

The WCAC has added a new class and the public is invited to participate. It’s Saving the Cherokee Language and it will be held every Thursday morning from 10am – Noon, in the WCAC Library. Instructed by Opal Benefield, the class strives to keep the Cherokee language alive by teaching it to everyone who may be interested, no matter their age. Join Opal and her group, and help keep this beautiful language from being lost in time. For more information, please call Opal at 918-214-5972.

Pictured (L-R) are: Jo Eldridge, Linda Vincent,
William Collier, Instructor Opal Benefield
and Marilyn Hanna.